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All Day Breakfast    

Toast 6 Sourdough (white, multigrain, or wholemeal) or Turkish or White or Raisin Toast or Gluten Free (+1.5)    Condiments Hank’s Strawberry Jam or Hank’s Marmalade or Peanut Butter or Vegemite or Honey or Nutella 

Croissants / Toasties Ham, Cheese & Tomato 10 / Ham & Cheese or Cheese & Tomato 9 / Ham or Cheese 8

Bacon & Egg Roll 15 A Turkish roll with 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of bacon and your choice of sauce (aioli / BBQ / ketchup / chilli)

Acai Bowl 16 [V] Granola with freshly sliced seasonal fruits and a drizzle of honey

Fresh Fruit Salad 16 [V] A variety of fresh seasonal fruits sourced from local markets with yoghurt 

Chaos Muesli Blend 16 [V] House-made toasted muesli with fresh fruits & yogurt 

Hot Porridge 18 [Vegan] Coconut milk, Quick Oats, topped with chia pudding, fresh berries, a drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of nuts

Protein Pancakes 20 [V] House blend of oat and flour mix, mango infused mascarpone, high protein ricotta cheese, fresh berries, chocolate chips, nuts and a blend of coconut glazed with maple syrup 

Knafeh French Toast 20 French toast with a slice of caramalised banana, mixed berries, delicately placed fairy floss, a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and finished with maple syrup and pistachio crumble

Corn Fritters 22 A beautifully stacked plate of 3 grilled corn and mix vegetable fritters with spiced romesco sauce, bacon, smashed avocado and salsa

  • Add a poached egg (3)

Omelette 20 [V] Choose any 3 fillings [Spinach – Mushroom – Ham – Onions – jalapeños – cheese – Tomatoes – bacon] and your choice of toast

  • Add additional filling (1.5)
  • Switch to an egg white only omelette (no yolks) (2)

Eggs Benny 17 [V] Eggs Benedict with creamy hollandaise, blanched kale, asparagus, poached eggs all on a sweet potato rosti 

  • Add bacon (4.5), smoked salmon (6), ham (4) 

Eggs Your Way 9.5 [V] Have it your way! Poached, scrambled, or fried with your choice of toast

  • Switch to gluten free bread (1.5)

Smashed Avo on Sourdough 20 [V] with fetta, cherry tomato, sautéed mushroom, beetroot relish, and dukkha

  • Switch to gluten free bread (1.5)
  • Add a poached egg (3)

Bacon Brekkie Wrap 20 Jalapeños mixed into scrambled eggs, layered with a hash brown, tomatoes, smashed avo & tomato capsicum chutney

All Day Breakfast

Haloumi Stack 20 [V] [GF] Portobello mushroom with smashed avo, poached eggs, asparagus, beetroot hummus and grilled haloumi

Big Brekkie 27 Your choice of eggs, bacon, chorizo, roasted tomato and mushrooms, avo, baked beans, hash brown and toast

Baked potato 22 with cheesy bacon, spiced romesco sauce, chorizo, crispy kale, tomato pico, whipped sour cream and molasses

Winter warmer bowl 25 slow cooked beef cheeks, creamy polenta, mushy peas, goats curd, olives, nuts and seeds sprinkle, crusty pita bread finished with evo.

Vegan Bowl 24 [V] [VEGAN] [DF] Sweet potato, wilted kale & ancient grains, cherry tomatoes, beetroot hummus, avocado, crispy chickpeas, toasted nuts and seeds, fermented cabbage and house made potato and beans cakes

Shakshukar [V] 25 with baked egg in rich tomato gravy, olives, fetta, crispy chickpeas, pomegranate, dukkha, and crumbed eggplant


Roasted Mushroom 4 – Roasted Tomatoes 3 – Avocado 4 – wilted kale 4 -Haloumi 5 – Feta 4 – Hollandaise 3 – Bacon 5 – Salmon 6 – Chicken 5 – Ham 4 -1 Egg 3 – Scrambled Eggs 6-Hash Brown 3 – Corn Fritter 5 – Side Toast 3.5 – Jalapeño 2.5 – Chorizo 4.5


Kids Pancake 12 A fluffy pancake served with vanilla ice-cream, strawberry & maple syrup

Kids size Hot Porridge 12 coconut milk quick oats, topped with chia pudding, strawberries & berry compote 

Kids Size Muesli 10 house made toasted muesli, fresh fruit & sweetened yoghurt

Kids Size Fruit Salad 10 Fresh seasoned fruit topped with sweetened yoghurt

Fairy Floss Fairy Bread 6 a slice of buttered white cottage bread sprinkled with 100 & 1000’s topped with fairy floss

Chicken nuggets & Chips 12 served with side of sauce

Cheese Burger & Chips 14 beef patty, American cheese and tomato sauce

Kids Milk Shakes 5 chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or caramel  

Kids Ice cream 6 vanilla ice cream topped w/ chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or caramel