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Mid Day Fuels 11am – CL

Burgers / Sandwiches & Wraps 

Beef Burger 19 (Patties Cooked Medium Unless Specified Otherwise) B BR

Grass fed Angus beef patty, american cheese, Russian sauce, oak lettuce, tomatoes, pickles on a milk bun served w chips or Salad for extra 1.5 (burger can be served naked)

Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger ⭐️ 19 🔥 🔥 C BR

Buttermilk crispy chicken, oak lettuce, tomatoes, chipotle aioli, jalapeño, pickles, swiss cheese, and served w chips or Salad for extra 1.5 – ( burger can be served naked)

Grilled Chicken Pesto Wrap 19 Pesto

Grilled marinated chicken tenders, house made pesto, oak, tomatoes, aioli and Swiss cheese served w chips or Salad for extra 1.5 Add Bacon 4 

Falafel Wrap 19 [V] Falafel W

House made falafel, oak lettuce, tomatoes w tahini, pickles, pita served w chips or Salad for extra 1.5

Total Chaos ⭐️ 21 🔥T Chaos

Lamb merguez sausage chimichanga w guacamole, salsa, jalapeño, roasted capsicums, aioli and medley on crispy tortilla pocket that poured over w melted American cheese and chilli con carne in total Chaotic mess so be ready to get your hands dirty … served w potato jewels 

Pasta / Grills & Oven Bakes 

Tuscan Prawn Pasta ⭐️  24 🔥Pasta

Linguine w Prawns, fresh medley tomatoes, basilica, Aleppo pepper, Midas 24K Gold olive oil, spinach, air-dried tomatoes, parmesan, garlic  – add extra prawns 8

Grilled Salmon ⭐️ 23 [GF] [DF] (Salmon Cooked Medium Unless Specified Otherwise)  Salmon 

Grilled Tasmanian salmon skin on, folle avoine wild rice tossed w ponzu, tahini, goji, crispy shallots, quinoa and pine nuts – (allow 12 to 14 minute for well-done)


Fitness Salad ⭐️ 20 [GF] [DF] – Fitness S

Leaves, heirloom tomatoes, wild rice, quinoa, Brazilian Biquinho, organic Persian dates, goji berries, walnuts, poached egg, house made marinated grilled chicken and honey mustard dressing 

Can be Vegan Without Chicken, Honey Mustard Dressing & Eggs  [VGN]

Lamb Salad 22 ⭐️[GF] Lamb S

Leaves, rustic sweet potatoes wedges, Brazilian Biquinho, goji, cauliflower, wild grains, medley heirloom, baby beetroot, crispy kale, roasted pine-nuts, w house made honey mustard dressing topped w 12 hours slow cooked lamb Cuban style and tzatziki


Chaos Salad / Wrap 19 [GF] Chaos S

Leaves, cashews, tomatoes, guacamole, house made dressing and grilled chicken – 

Add Salmon 5

To Share 

Beef Nachos ⭐️ 19 🔥 Nachos

Nacho of corn chips w chilli con carne, salsa, Mexican cheese, guacamole and sour cream

Pesto Aioli Bruschetta ⭐️ 16 [V] Bruschetta 

Heirlooms, basil, olive oil, lemon, garlic, house made pesto and onions w house made dressing, house made aioli on a toasted bread

Loaded Truffle Chilli Jewels ⭐️ 16 🔥Loaded

Potato jewels w truffle oil, parmesan, Aleppo chilli and poured over w American cheese sauce

Bowl Of Chips 8 [V] w choice of Aioli or chipotle aioli or jungle aioli or Ketchup Bowl C

Bowl Of Side Wanders Potato Wedges [V] 9 w sweet chilli and sour cream Bowl W

Bowl Of Rustic Sweet Potato Wedges [V] 9 w jungle aioli Bowl S

Bowl Of Potato Jewels [V] 9 w aioli Bowl J